Café Babette

Fish Tank 002
A compelling night of surreal otherworldliness awaits us....

prepare to be enchanted in space by "Barock Obama" Berlin's very own Baroque choir, Lilli Moore and Martin Eder "The Fallen" a site specific drone like universe, "Vegas" a solo songstress of hypnosis and finally the psyche sound of David Harks layered pop ambience..

for one night as we prepare for Fish Tank II..

David Harks

Berlin based U.K artist David Harks has been working across the fields of contemporary pop music since his entry in 2003.

Collaborations between a vast spectrum of music. His live and recorded performances as a vocalist and songwriter have been utilised by psych - electronic prospectors the The Amorphous Androgynous for over a decade, pan - european act Safetalk as well as a variety of other collaborators and remixers, he continues to remain fluid as an entity across the realms of contemporary music.

At the event David shall be performing a number of songs, both released and unreleased showcasing his imaginative wandering collages of synthesis, electronica and story, layering vocals and evolving sequential hypnosis.

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Vegas is the alter ego of songwriter, producer and performer Sarina Giffhorn.

A project title that very much suits the landscape of her songwriting and performances, the audience enters into a realm of seductive rhythmic hypnosis, dusty synthesis, song and story. Warm Rickenbacker bass lines flow between layers of detailed psychedelia, conjuring an attention that demands the audience is transported into her melodic dystopia.

Vegas resounds beauty, depth and melancholy in her voice and will be performing a series of her own works to cast a spell across the audience - summoning the spirits of the space.

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Presented by Martin Eder & Lilli Moors

Martin and Lilli will be transporting us this night under the site specific collaborative title THE FALLEN

The atmosphere act will be rooted in the acoustically lead cathedral like room, suspend the audience to transport us into the eerie darkness and misty realms of the senses.

A truly visceral experience, THE FALLEN will be felt through the the depths of bass and drone, layering fragmented instrumentals, that are carefully constructed, textured and sometimes distorted. Ambient layers of vocals will soar and act to summon, evolving melody into abstraction and destruction - cycling mindfully and chaotically guiding the audience through interpretation.

Martins Work

Martins Band

"A site specific piece created by the duo using classical musicians".

Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop

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Barock Obama

Barock Obama is a Berlin based chamber choir, specialising in renaissance and baroque music. Founded in 2016 and under the musical direction of Niklas Trüstedt the choir has compiled a repertoire of compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach, John Dowland, Heinrich Schütz, Johann Steuerlein, Melchior Vulpius and many more.

Barock Obama will be performing amorous songs by among others Thoinot Arbeau, John Dowland, Hans Leo Haßler as well as a canon by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

DJ - Fata Kiefer

Fata Kiefer is a Berlin based Venezuelan DJ.

Long time collaborator with Aerea Negrot a DJ and a singer based in Berlin.

Fata's music is characterised by tropical atmospheres, colourful ethnic elements and traces of several electronic music styles, ranging from techno, house all the way to deep house and ambience.

He produces an ongoing bi monthly show entitled After the After - a podcast for those seeking to soothe their souls after the weekend, after the party, After the After.

Fish Tank 002.